Work plan

All web sites are created according to a detailed work plan, in order to respect deadlines and maintain the overall quality of the web site.

  • Choice of packages
Choosing the right package according to the JDesign price list is the first step. The packages are tailored for entrepreneurs and people who want to have quality and fast websites.
  • Agreement and contract

After the selection of the package, it is necessary to sign the Contract for the creation and installation of the website. The contract defines the obligations and signatory rights, the prices of services and the ways of payment of services.

  • Preparation of material

The contractor is obliged to prepare materials for publication on the web site or to submit material feeds. JDesign provides help with the creation of the material, or any necessary proofreading and translation. High quality photos will make every website more beautiful. Depending on the selected package, the photo is in the price or is charged extra.

  • Choose a domain name

Domain selection is important for every web. Each company in HR can have one free domain name, eg Additional .hr domains can be purchased in an unlimited number. Also available are .com, .net, .eu and many other domains.

  • Production

After the receipt of all materials, web site creation begins. Within a few weeks, depending on the scope of the job, the web will be at the test address. Each created site is controlled and after the approval is published on the Internet.